Horse Show Program – What You Need to Know Before You Ask Someone Else

What questions can a horse show program answer? Face it we have all been there, more often if you are newer to the whole horse show scene. Questions like when is your next class? Do we get a riding lunch break? How much is the sweepstakes class? When is the next show?

These are a few of the many questions that may pop into your mind while at a horse show. If you are newer to showing, or showing with a new association, questions like these will become apparent throughout the day. Where is the best place to look to get your questions answered? You guessed it, the horse show program.

What Is A Horse Show Program?

The term horse show program seems like a broad term that can be taken a few ways. In one meaning it can imply you are discussing the specific program or schedule of the show you are at. In another it can be applied as your specific program to prepare for a horse show. Yet another aspect could be a specific event occurring at a horse show.

For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing the horse show program as the show bill or show schedule. Every show association will have a schedule of classes for each part of the show.

It can also be a term encompassing specific association rules and regulations. The horse show program can change from one show to the next. Most programs are printed on a single sheet of paper and are available in the show office.

It might be beneficial to grab an extra copy to keep one in your pocket and one posted near your horse. This way you will be able to follow along a little easier with the progression of the show. You will also be able to plan your activities and figure out how much time you have between classes.

What Can You Expect To Find On A Horse Show Program?

Depending on where you show, each program will be put together a little differently. The show bill will have the name of the show or show series along with the selected dates for the other shows. If the shows are held at different locations, this should also be outlined on the program.

The judges selected for the year should also be listed on the show bill. Most of the program will consist of a list of classes in order of progression. If the show is two days or more, the classes will be listed under the day(s) they will be offered through the course of the show.

Start times should also be included on the show bill to notify exhibitors when the first horses of the day are expected to be at the in-gate. You can also find a summary of rules and regulations for the show. These rules are usually those that are frequently asked about, or are the more important rules that need to be repeated to continuously remind exhibitors.

Other fees associated with the show including stalls, camping hookup, judge/class fees, office fees, random drug testing fees, and blanket fees all should be listed on the show bill.

Some horse show programs will include information on each division along with point tally information and eligibility for year-end awards if offered. You will want to pay close attention to the divisions for the classes you will be exhibiting in. Make sure you meet the age and experience requirements to avoid any problems with the show association.

Other inclusions on the horse show program will vary from one show to another. In any case, it can be used as a reference for many questions. It can also save you some wasted time to walk to the show office to ask a related question.

For all simple questions, refer to the horse show program before seeking alternate sources of information. If you are new to showing horses, you might be surprised how much the show bill alone can help answer questions.

What If You Still Have Questions?

If you check over the information provided to you in the show bill and are still unable to find the answer you are looking for, you have a few other options to have your questions answered.

If you are near any other show participants it is probably easiest to ask one of them. They may be able to provide you a quick answer. Just make sure you are considerate of other exhibitor activities when approaching with your question.

If you have a more complicated question about a club rule, you are better off walking to the show office, where they can answer any question. The show office will likely be busy with other show exhibitors through the day and you will have to wait your turn to ask your question. You can decide if it is worth the time waiting in line.